What Things you Must Need to Build a computer

When it comes to making a computer there are some things that you absolutely need. To know about them is important so you can connect them together to make a computer. In this article, we will discuss all the basic and most important parts that are present inside a computer.


There are many components that go on a motherboard. It is like the spine of a computer. A motherboard can be made with any type of rigid flex printed circuit boards. There is CMOS battery, BIOS, North bridge and southbridge in it. It also has the RAM holder and Processor holder that will be discussed later. There are expansion slots named PCI and PCI-E for adding LAN card, graphics card, VGA card or sound card, and others. All the most important parts of a computer are on a motherboard.


It is like the brain of a computer and it is a major component of a computer without which the computer cannot run. It performs all the logical and calculation-based function of a computer. It gets very heated while in use so there is a cooling fan just for the processor. It is connected to the motherboard, so the cooling fan gets power.


The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. It is also a major component in a computer. It performs many works on a computer. All the applications are loaded first on RAM and it is responsible for how fast the computer operates. Without a RAM computer is not functional.

Hard disk drive

Without a storage device, there won’t be any place to keep the files of an operating system. The hard disk drive is placed in the computer casing. There can be actually multiple hard disk drives or even external hard disk drives and also SSD drives that work faster and better. But a computer needs a hard disk drive to work.

Computer Casing

The parts like motherboard, hard disk drive all goes inside the computer casing. There is an inbuilt power box there. You can use another power box if you want to build a gaming PC. A power box is connected to the motherboard, the CPU, the cooking fan of the CPU, Hard disk drive to give power to the system. The computer casing also has some connectors that are connected to the motherboard, so the power button of the casing works and turns on the computer. It also activates the reset button.


You would need a monitor to see the visuals and operate a computer. There are LCD, LED and plasma monitors that you can choose from. Without a monitor, you can’t run a computer. A monitor is needed to make the computer complete and functional and also so you can enjoy the visuals in your monitor.

Keyboard and Mouse

You would need a keyboard and a mouse to give instructions to the computer and communicate with it. They are necessary to select an object. Also, you would need a keyboard to type. A mouse can be used to select and point to any object that you want. A mouse and keyboard both are important parts of a computer.

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