10 Steps to Follow Before Starting a Reseller Hosting Business

In recent years, Reseller Hosting has evolved as a lucrative business option. With low initial costs and a growing market, the opportunities for growth are endless. To enter the Web Hosting Reseller Business, you need to purchase a Reseller Hosting plan and sell smaller, customized plans to clients. However, like any other business, you need to carefully plan your hosting reseller business to ensure success. Here are ten steps to follow before starting a Reseller Hosting business.

Step 1. Define Business Goals

Apart from profits, what are your business goals? Are you a web designer looking to expand your portfolio? Or, an UI/UX designer planning to add web hosting to the list of services? Or someone new to the web hosting industry looking to start a new business? Ensure that you have well-defined business goals.

Step 2. Know your Target Audience

One of the biggest mistakes many resellers make is try to sell hosting services to anyone who needs it. The reason why this is a mistake is that the success of a hosting reseller lies in offering services customized to meet the needs of a specific market segment. The hosting needs of, say an e-commerce platform, are different from those of a news platform. Hence, knowing your target audience is essential for success.

Step 3. Analyze your Competitors

If you are planning to target a specific market segment, then it is essential to analyze the companies/resellers that are already selling hosting services to that segment. Look for pain areas and hosting demands that are still unmet and try to create a package that is comprehensive and better than your competitors.

Step 4. Learn about Web Hosting

Not everyone has the technical expertise to understand Web Hosting. However, you cannot succeed in this business if you are clueless about various technologies and software used in hosting. Spend some time learning about web hosting. You don’t need to be an expert but must know enough to understand the implications of all technologies involved and explain them to your clients.

Step 5. Partner with the Right Hosting Company

As a reseller, the quality of services offered by you will depend on that provided by the parent hosting company. Therefore, partnering with a hosting company that understands your requirements and has similar objectives can go a long way in ensuring smooth operations in the future. Weigh all aspects before buying a reseller plan.

Step 6. White Label for a Personalized Brand

One of the benefits of Reseller Hosting is that your clients never know if you are a hosting company or a reseller unless you tell them. This is possible if the hosting company offers White Label support. Using this, you can create a brand and operate as an independent web host.

Step 7. Customize the Hosting Packages

One of the primary reasons behind the success of hosting resellers is the availability of customized hosting services. Since a web hosting company caters to a larger market, there are limits to how much it can customize its plans. However, as a reseller, you can focus on a specific market segment and create packages that are tailored to their needs.

Step 8. Install SSL Certificate

No matter the size of your business, you cannot compromise on security. The first interaction that the client has with your business is filling his personal details in your billing system. If this is not secure, then it can damage your business and reputation. Ensure that you install an SSL certificate on your server.

Step 9. Offer Round-the-Clock Support

Websites operate 24x7x365. Hence, they need technical support around the clock. Whether you are planning to have an in-house support team or outsourcing it to a vendor, ensure that your clients have someone to talk to at any time of the day or night.

Step 10. Market your Services

Once you have set things up, it is important to let people know about your services. With digital marketing, you can leverage social media and work on search engine optimization to ensure that you create a buzz in your target market.

Summing Up

These 10 steps can ensure that you start making money from your Reseller Hosting business in no time. Plan well and keep these points in mind before starting. Good Luck! 

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