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Marijuana Detection: How Long Does the Drug Stay in Your Body?

If you are researching the effects of marijuana in the body, you may wonder how long it stays in the system. Knowing this information can help you avoid the negative effects of testing positive. Apart from this, you can know whether or not you should use cannabis. Read on to find out how long weed stays in your system.

For cannabis users, the time that the drug stays in their system varies and depends on various factors. Generally, the compound can stay in the body from 10 days to one month. The period over which you have been using cannabis will determine whether or not it will be detected in the system. Different tests also detect the presence of cannabis in the system over different periods.

How is Marijuana Tested?
When you have traces of cannabis in your system, it can be detected through different ways. The urine test is the most common method of detection. Urine test can detect the presence of cannabis in your system up to 7 days from when you last took it. If you are a regular user of the drug, traces of it can be found in your urine from 7 to 100 days. However, for most people, the detection is possible under 30 days.

Another way in which marijuana can be detected in your system is through a blood test. This test is of a more limited duration than urine test. Generally, blood tests detect marijuana in the body within 2 to 7 days from the last time it was used. For first-time users, the test will only show marijuana traces within 24 hours after last use.

The presence of marijuana can also be detected through hair tests. The hair test is quite weak and may not detect the presence of the compound in people that have just used it once. However, if you are a heavy marijuana user, the compound can be detected in your hair for months after the last use. Heavy users of weed may show traces of the drug in their hair for up to a year since their last usage.

The last test that can be done is a saliva test. These tests are still experimental and have not shown much success for both single and repeat users.

Overview of Marijuana Test
The things searched for in the body through the different marijuana tests vary. This is why they have different detection periods. For example, blood tests usually look for the presence of the psychoactive version of THC. For urine test, the goal is to detect the presence of THC-COOH.

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