The Best Domain Name For Your Website

This world today has been tagged the ‘computerized age’. A lot of things are fast evolving with technology in this age. Every piece of information you can think of can be gotten from the massive wealth of knowledge online. All this knowledge can be accessed online from what we know as websites. So a user trying to find information online will go to his search engine, type in 

This name typed in is known as a domain name. In simple terms, a domain name is a name by which your website is known as. According to, a domain name is one of the most important parts of having a website because what is a wealth of knowledge without a point of access? Another important must-have to owning a website is a hosting service and contents to put up on the website.

More About A Domain Name

Online reviews about telecom companies have revealed that questions about a domain name remain one of the most inquired questions for website starters. One way to recognize a domain name is by looking at your address bar when on a website. The string of words in that address box is known as a domain name, this is exclusive of the initial ‘www’ and also the ‘.com or .net’ or whatever comes behind as those are known as the domain suffix.

Another mostly confusing detail is the difference between a domain name and an IP address. The important thing to note in this case is that a domain name is usually transformed to an IP address by a DNS system. An IP address is then used to define the server where the website is located.

Picking A Good Domain Name

After noting the basic things to know about a domain name, the next step would be to get a good domain name, but how?

1.   Have a list of possible names

This might seem like the toughest decision but it is also very important. This can be made easier by following these steps;

  • Consider a niche for your website
  • Find names that are easy to remember by your intended audience
  • Ensure that the names can be easily associated with your website niche
  • Picking short names are a plus
  • Check to ensure they are not taken already

One thing to note is that no two websites can share the same domain name. Hence, it is good to check and confirm that no other website has your intended domain name, else you will have to start all over again.

Some domain name checkers can serve as help at this point. You only need to go and check through the lists of domain names on the site to confirm that your intended name is not already being used.

2.   Pay for your domain name

After it has been confirmed that the domain name is free for use. You can then progress to the next point, which is to pay for a hosting service for your domain name. Only after you have paid can it be personalized for you alone.

Following these few steps above will help you have a seamless experience with getting a good domain name, after which you can go on to share your wealth of knowledge.

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