Store Your Items Properly to Keep Them Safe

Storage units are used by those who want to clear out their home but don’t want to get rid of their belongings, those who want a safe place for items they only use occasionally, and those who are preparing to move. No matter the reason for renting a storage unit, it’s vital for the person to properly package their belongings so they will remain safe no matter how long they’re being stored.

New Boxes, Not Old Ones

While a person can often find old boxes for free or incredibly cheap, it is worth the money to purchase new boxes. Used boxes may not hold up long term as they can break down with time, and depending on how much they have been used, may not be strong enough to hold everything the person wants to put in them.

Packaging Tape

The right tape makes it easy to put the boxes together and to keep the top closed. Be sure to purchase tape that is not going to be easy to rip and is going to hold up well. This will also make sure the boxes do not have as much of a chance of coming open while they’re in storage.

Markers and Labels

It’s important to label all of the boxes clearly. They can be labeled with what’s in them, what room in the home they belong in, or other categories as the person needs. Label at least two sides and the top so the boxes can be identified no matter how they’re stacked.

Paper and Pen

One further idea is to number the boxes and create a list of the numbers, the contents, and where they’re located in the storage unit. Storing them carefully and with some thought as to where each box will go won’t take much time and having a list just inside the storage unit they can check will make it easier for them to find the boxes they need when they need them.

These are just a few tips to use to make sure everything in a storage unit is packed properly and ready to store for any amount of time. Take the time to learn more about storage made easy today and how you can find a storage to rent in just minutes.

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