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How to Spice Up Your Relationship in the Bedroom with Your Same Sex Partner – Best Tips

How can you tell that you got your relationship going the right way? Is there a way to make sure that your loving companionship will continue until forever? Do you laugh at the same jokes? Are you into hiking together or enjoy going to malls? Or do you both enjoy your intimate bedroom loving moments? Each couple is unique because we have different childhood backgrounds. We were brought up differently by our parents. According to different studies, all the things we have experienced in the past and how we were brought up makes a big impact on how we are in our present relationships, handling it, enjoying it with our partners, and how we perceive it as a whole. It is true that all these things add up to how we can move forward together with your partner, savor it, grow it, handle it, and how you can spice up the intimate moments in the bedroom.

Our relationships matter and pleasing your partner is highly important, especially in bed, if you are committed to keeping it alive. And the most prized possession of men is their man meat. It is the symbol of your importance in your partner’s life. We have here the top tips highly recommended by all love making experts, psychologists, and relationship gurus to make the life in your bedroom fired up to the next level.

Last March this year, there is a study done in London on how we perceive is the importance of size of the man meat to relationships. It was concluded after interviewing 15,000 same sex couples that 53% of them agreed that size does matter. It is mentioned below all the important points you can learn from experts in spicing up your relationship.

Try different and untried positions. The Stand and Deliver position is popular on bed especially that you get to wrap your both legs around the waist area. Straddling High on Thighs position is another favorite of same sex couples because it gives you a good day to control the thrusts.

Set the mood in the bedroom. This is the most neglected element to make the intimate moments in the bedroom alive again, setting the mood. One of the best ways to set the mood is the combination of fire, wine, and a lot of jokes. Experts recommend that checking out videos from different intimate sites like gay tube are effective in setting the mood right.

Do it outside your bedroom. There is a different feeling when you do it in the garage, at the mall, inside a container truck, or while riding or driving a car.

These tips are necessary if you want to make your relationship better.

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